Mark Tobin

Mark Tobin in Brazil for legendary Peacock Bass.

Catfishing w/Jeff Williams

Mark and Jeff get some twofer Blue Catfish action at Lake of the Ozarks.

Fly Fishing for Sailfish in Costa RICA

If you think Peacock Bass excites Mark Tobin, then you gotta see this.

About Mark Tobin

Mark was born to parents who spent their honeymoon hunting for quail.  Mark was only 6 weeks old when he experienced his first camping trip - the first of many hunting and fishing adventures he would share with his family.  He made himself useful by baiting his mother's hook when he was too small to hold his own fishing pole. By age 9 he bagged his first goose with a .410 shotgun.  

No small feat for any hunter, of any age.  

Marks progression to radio and television was just as natural since his father Pro-Staffed on the Let's Get Outdoors TV show that aired in the Kansas City market for nearly 20 years.  "My father was my hero: I knew early on I wanted to follow in his footsteps," he remembers. Mark has had a lifetime of fishing experience, including more than 10 years of tournament fishing. Mark learned to be successful in all sorts of fishing conditions and he is quick to share his tips and techniques to listeners clear across the nation.